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House bill 785 National “Right to Work” Act

House bill HR 785 National “Right to Work” or More of Is This What You Want Your Government to Do? (Part 3) There is no summary for HR 785 National Right to Work act, but it is an anti-union bill. … Continue reading

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Grey Box

My posts have been sporadic for a while, but I’m still writing. I thought I would offer a bit of explanation for the randomness of my blogs. Last Spring, I returned to full-time employment after a long medical leave. While … Continue reading

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The Fallacies of Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich’s speeches make me so angry. Lately he has been campaigning against child labor laws. That reason alone is enough to upset me, but why do people fall for his troglodyte viewpoints and spurious arguments? Ignoring the legal and … Continue reading

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