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Puerto Rico One Year Later

I tried to read the Time Magazine article focused on the lessons learned from hurricane Maria; it was a beautifully-written and heart-wrenching piece about Puerto Rico one year later.[1] As I read the true horror stories, tears began to well … Continue reading

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Gorsuch: Conservative is Not the Word I Would Use

When Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court, he stated that he had picked him as someone who would be a conservative similar to former Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia was considered a proponent of originalism. Unfortunately, that is … Continue reading

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Becoming Human (a Rant)

Today I am frustrated. I’ve heard too many whining hypocrites and unfounded emotional diatribes.  I’ve listened to dueling newscasters and politicians, read facebook posts and heard angry rants on the radio. I’m sick of rich people who think they are … Continue reading

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Romney and the Touchscreen

Yesterday, the news reported that Mitt Romney was fascinated by ordering food using a touchscreen system at a gas station convenience store.  Perhaps he may not have known about touchscreen computers, but it is difficult to believe that he had … Continue reading

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