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What I Learned from Church: Personal Lessons of Interfaith Experiences

Although most people have their own ideas about what the words interfaith and community mean, in broad terms, interfaith relationships stand on an idealized notion that people who believe in similar ideals desire to interact harmoniously. That is, whether they … Continue reading

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Stephen Miller: Donald Trump and the Muslim Ban

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Stephen Miller (Senior Advisor to the President) leapt to the country’s attention when he appeared on numerous shows[1] defending President Trump’s executive order banning immigration (the “Muslim ban”). His comments ranged from unsubstantiated … Continue reading

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What Did We Learn From the Iowa Caucuses?

Frankly, I don’t really understand how the Iowa Caucuses work, and I don’t want to spend the time to research the process. However, there are a few things we now know. Let’s review the frontrunners. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: … Continue reading

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Women’s Liberation, Part 1

How does oppression affect women right now?  What can the Women’s Liberation Movement[1]  do? How can that movement wade through the quagmire of countless issues to define women’s oppression to others? While it is true that all societies influence every … Continue reading

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All Gods are Not the Same

Today, someone on facebook posted a lovely photograph with a sweet refrain that ended with “all gods are one god.”  Now, I like this person and the picture was charming, but really, I am tired of reading that “all gods … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Religions

My dear friends and readers, it is Christmas Day in my part of the world. As usual my mind starts its philosophical musing.  Today I am thinking about the great wisdom expressed by the different religions of the world.  Whatever holiday … Continue reading

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