About Lillith ThreeFeathers

I am an author, shamanic healer, medium, and priestess. Since I value the wisdom of ancient cultures and old traditions, I have walked both an initiatory path and a shamanic path for four decades. In addition to extensive studies of shamanic and healing traditions, I received initiations in various indigenous systems of North and South America and Regla de Ocha.  During healing sessions, I use that experience to focus on what’s needed to bring the client back into balance. I offer workshops and lectures on topics including Shamanic practices and traditions, alternative healing, Goddess spirituality, dream work, mediumship, Ancient Christianity and Paganism.


My writings have been published in many magazines and anthologies.  In addition to my book, The Heart of the Elder: Good Elders and Their Influences, co-authored with Joy Marie Wedmedyk, I have worked as a columnist and feature writer. Since I enjoy sharing my discoveries with others, I write here and in other places. 

In 1997, I founded the Circle of Living Spirit, a multi-tradition multi-faith church, which was recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1998.  There is no way to prepare for such a venture, and, to this day, I continue to learn from the experiences the Circle of Living Spirit brings into my life.  

After all of these years, I continue to be amazed at the miracles that arise from interactions with Divine and Ancient Ones. I give thanks to the Divine Ones, Ancestors and Spirit Allies who continue to support me in all of the work I do.

I am teaching at the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, also called the Wiccan Seminary.  You can take one class or work towards a degree. Stop by their website at http://www.wiccanseminary.edu to see the classes I offer there.

Please visit my (other) website at https://lilliththreefeathers.weebly.com/ where you can learn more about me, check my teaching calendar, set up a healing session or schedule divination.

Lillith ThreeFeathers


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