Astrology Overview May-Dec 2019

For those who are interested in long-term astrology, I’ve been doing an intense period of watching presentations by one of my favorite astrologers[1] in order to find a foundation from which to view the craziness of the current time. Although many astrologers focus on the faster moving planets, there is no way to avoid the energy of the outer planets this year.  Several of them have gathered together in Capricorn, that misunderstood, overworked (just ask one), and difficult sign that focuses on labor, power, discipline, and ambition.

First, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn with Uranus trine that conjunction.  The Leo King says that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is about learning to understand the world so that there can be worldwide changes and new definitions of culture. These slow-moving planets can help us focus on exploring the world. To me, these energies will push us to make decisions that take us on new adventures. If we refuse to do that, they will leave us sitting in the same places we are now. It’s our choice: to choose to stay where we are or decide to make the changes and go after what we want.

When Jupiter also enters Capricorn in December 2019, per the LeoKing, we will be living in energy similar to the 13th century. My interpretation of that era emphasizes large religious powers going to war against each other and against individuals who did not submit to their powers. When Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all ensconced in Carpicorn, what does that mean for us? It means that religious institutions will hit the wall: they will have to choose how to react to the world around them. Will they continue to hide behind dogma or change to meet the modified needs of the people?  In the last century, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, a religious philosopher, wrote that religions evolve over time in order to remain relevant.[2]  If you consider yourself religious, what changes will you expect of yours?

This is the year that spiritual institutions and spiritual people will have to deal with the reality of the physical world. They won’t be able to sit in their meditation room and ignore the world. Too many things are close to a breaking point. With these aspects, Mother Earth and the slow-moving planets are demanding that you learn how to walk your talk. How you do that is up to you.

Regardless of where you see yourself on the spiritual continuum, whether or not you make changes will impact you, those around you, and the world.

Even if you do not consider yourself spiritual, this aspect will be about who has control.

If you wonder why so many people are upset about freedoms, water purity and food supplies, they are feeling this energy and pushing for us to react now while we have time to prepare. The challenges of the physical world are already obvious: homelessness, poverty, prejudice, climate change, desertification, air pollution, mountain topping, water pollution, and storms (all affecting poverty, famine, etc.).

The good news is that we can bring about a different outcome this time around. Astrologically, Uranus is in Taurus and will remain there for a long time. This gives us some positive energy, comfort and perhaps security. LeoKing mentioned that technology can provide assistance too. With the North Node in Cancer, we will be able to discover or rediscover our home and return to that place that brings us sustenance and safety. This is going to highlight our residences as well as issues of safety and security.

Certainly there are a lot of other things to be said about these aspects. They will affect structures of all kinds; they will influence building whether those are physical constructions, emotional support systems, spiritual connections, legal equity, or worthy charitable organizations.

Again, moving out from our home bases, we can make a choice to actively create a better world.

Yes, this may be a difficult time. Change can be challenging, but it can also be exciting and hopeful.

Decide what you can do.  Plant a garden. Send money to environmental organizations and other charities. Participate in a march. Vote.  Do something about the homeless. Clean a river. Pick something to act on. Whatever you choice, live your life as best you can with integrity. Your heart will be happier.


[1] I am thankful for the availability of intensive Leo King videos, and recommend them. For more details, check YouTube or go to

[2] For more information on that, I suggest reading The Meaning and End of Religion: A New Approach to the Religious Traditions of Mankind by Wilfred Cantwell Smith.

About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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