Is This Fake News? No.

As usual, President Trump has been tweeting and speaking about media sources and fake news, trying to make us believe that journalists want to publish false stories, and that they do it on purpose.  In particular he often calls out the Washington Post.

Another business Trump doesn’t like is Amazon. Interestingly, Jeff Bezos is  the founder and owner of Amazon. Bezos is part of the 1%; he’s fabulously wealthy. So why does Trump dislike him so much? Jeff Bezos also happens to own the Washington Post, and since its slogan is “democracy dies in the dark,” the goal of the newspaper does not always match the news that Trump wants publicized. In addition, the truth is that newspapers print retractions and corrections if they do print a story that is later found to be wrong.

Does it seem odd that Trump talks about supporting business but he actively works against two large companies owned by the same person?

The president claimed that costs to deliver Amazon packages were why US Postal Service has been losing a lot of money. In fact, using that claim, Trump tried to get USPS to double the rates for Amazon.[1]

However, packages are not the reason for USPS annual losses. In fact, package delivery is a mainstay of USPS income — and Amazon is a behemoth at supplying packages to be delivered. According to CBS News:

“The postal service has lost money for 11 straight years, mostly because of pension and health care costs. … Under a 2006 law, it must pre-fund 75 years’ worth of retiree health benefits. Neither the government nor private companies are required to do that.”[2]

A long time ago (about 50 years ago), another president tried to use the power of the presidential office against people he decided were his enemies. His name was Richard Nixon. Among other things, Nixon demanded that the IRS audit people from his enemies list — a totally illegal use of the IRS. That didn’t work well for him because honest individuals refused to act illegally on his demands and told the truth when they were called as witnesses. Nixon’s actions to intimidate and manipulate people he didn’t like through the federal government were listed as one of the Articles of Impeachment. You see, it is illegal for the president to do that.  Just to be clear, it’s also unconstitutional.

The Washington Post (at the time owned by Katharine Graham) and The New York Times were instrumental in disclosing the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate break-in, and several other scandalous illegal activities during the Nixon White House. (If you don’t know about the Pentagon Papers or Watergate, I suggest you learn more about history. Just Google it.) Because of the papers’ reputations, Nixon also did not like The Washington Post and forbid their reporters (and those from The New York Times) from entering the White House, an action that Trump has also followed.

By pushing the Postmaster General to double the rates for, Trump used presidential power in an attempt to influence Amazon. The Postmaster General refused,  stating that all businesses were given the same pricing structure.

Let’s return to that previous president. As previously mentioned, one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was that he attempted to use the offices of the government to punish his enemies. Specifically it was Article 2 which stated that he committed unconstitutional acts by directing employees of IRS, FBI, and the Secret Service to act unlawfully and unconstitutionally. You can read the Articles of Impeachment here:[3]

And now President Trump claims he can pardon himself.[4] So, is he saying he is above the law of the US Constitution? His oath of office states otherwise. Perhaps he is simply seeing how far he can push that line in the sand before his political party joins those who are already upset with his actions?


—– Sources ——

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