Romney and the Touchscreen

Yesterday, the news reported that Mitt Romney was fascinated by ordering food using a touchscreen system at a gas station convenience store.  Perhaps he may not have known about touchscreen computers, but it is difficult to believe that he had no prior experience with touchscreen phones. Yet, if we are to believe the report, that was his first experience using a touchscreen to order self-service food. Granted, there might be many reasons for Romney’s lack of experience with the touchscreen ordering systems many gas stations use.

I’d like to think he was opposed to machines replacing human workers, and so he refused to use them in the past. However, that was not the case. Romney raved about the quick and easy process. He said you just touch a few buttons and then pay the cashier. Really? How hard is it to give your sandwich order to an employee?  Perhaps Romney doesn’t like talking to waitresses or counter staff.  If so, the episode highlighted a much more serious personality problem.

However, I will stop speculating about why Romney was touchscreen illiterate and why he preferred interacting with a computer to a person.  The entire news story reminded me of a previous president, George W. Bush, who was amazed at that ability to scan barcodes in a grocery store. That would be the same former president whose horrid economic policies led us into this mess.

Mitt Romney is another extremely wealthy person who has limited experience with everyday life.  He does not have to worry about making his lunch before he goes to work. In the case of the reported gas station meal, a chauffer  drove him there in a limousine. In fact, the chauffer drove to a different station than originally scheduled because Romney’s security had determined there was a protest at the planned location.  I would have liked to have seen Romney talk to the protestors to discover their concerns.  Instead, Romney avoided them. He entered a gas station convenience store surrounded by security and ordered his own sandwich. I am not impressed.

Perhaps we need a Republican candidate who understands today’s problems. It would be nice to have one who realizes why a typical person picks up a meal from a gas station.  The country would be served better by a candidate who understood that many people pick up lunch as they fuel their vehicles because their lives leave them little time to relax during meals. Can Republican candidate Romney understand that kind of life?   I don’t think so.


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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5 Responses to Romney and the Touchscreen

  1. Joy says:

    Very well stated. It is scary to have people make decisions about how we live and why without them having some firsthand experience with our situations. Having worked hard all my life, and making strides in the types of jobs I am able to perform, and being able to make a so called living wage, it seems that I just get poorer. There is no relief in site. Wow, thanks, and keep writing about these things.


    • Hello Joy. Thank you for commenting. I believe that most feel as you do. Many of us are struggling to pay our bills and meet our financial obligations. Politicians need to stop playing games. They need to wake up and realize that what they do impacts all workers (as well as those who are unemployed).


  2. John Bull says:

    Interesting too that Mr. Romney praised private industry for the invention of the touchscreen when it was in fact developed by CERN, a EUROPEAN consortium funded by many of Europe’s governments, I am afraid this man is so out of touch with reality that it easily explains the dream world he shows us he lives in.


    • Hello John. I didn’t know that about CERN. Thank you for adding important information to this topic. Once a person becomes as wealthy as Romney, he needs to admit that he has no idea how people live on a paycheck. Romney’s actions as a founding partner of Bain Capital tells us more about what he believes than what he says on the campaign trail. His political stop at the convenience store points to a disconnect between his lifestyle and the voters. Do you think Romney is able to get in touch with the rest of us?


  3. Joy says:

    With his slightly strange humor and his strange comments, I actually cringe when he opens his mouth and speaks. He really doesn’t relate to the average middle class person any more then he relates to those living in poverty. This reminds me of when it became fashionable among the more financially secure people I knew that “going thrifting” was an entertaining way to spend the day, and yet make fun of others people clothes for being out of style. Geez.


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