May it be so.

It’s been a hard time for many people, and yes, for me too. I have been less affected by the financial problems of the country than many others. Countless people have lost their pensions, jobs, homes and hope. Laws permitted this financial craziness, but greedy and shortsighted people fueled it.

And now we have the Occupy movement. Occupy WallStreet has spread despite the initial lack of media coverage, and now it is growing even in the face of discomfort and violence. As I read in-person accounts and watch videos and newscasts, I am amazed that a flame has been lit in so many of our citizens.

I don’t know where the Occupy movement will lead, but the spontaneity of Occupy reminds me of the demonstrations in the Sixties and Seventies. Back then, people wanted change on so many levels. Change was truly needed then as it is now. The uprisings from those times are covered in textbooks, and many times the brief summaries ignore the price that people paid, and they typically disregard the pain that led to the demonstrations. The groups focused on Civil Rights, Women’s Equality, Black Power, and perhaps the most successful of them, the Peace Movement. Many times the right to peaceably assemble was denied to those groups who gathered. Sadly, many horrid things happened (I don’t need to list them here), and I pray wholeheartedly that nothing as bad happens now.

Although the focus of the current Occupy Movement is very different from the protests years ago, the Occupy Movement has a very basic commonality with those past disparate demonstrations. They want to create a better future. Even if you disagree with the right of Occupy to peaceably assemble, you should recognize that many people are in trouble. We need to find a way towards a better future.

There is a very wise saying in many indigenous cultures: “for the seven generations.” It refers to the belief that what we do influences the future for the next seven generations. The point is that no important decision should be made without considering the impact on the seven generations to follow ours. More importantly, no actions should be taken that would knowingly hurt those generations.

The indigenous grandmothers say the time is now for healing. They say that this is the time for coming together to heal ourselves and the planet. For the humans and all of the beings on the Earth, may it be so.

May those who have been asleep wake up to the effects that their actions (or lack of actions) have had on future generations.

One of the Occupy protestors held a sign that gave me hope. It read “We were asleep for a while, but now we are awake.”

May it be so.

May those who have walked with greed on their shoulders, drop that load and turn towards a better path, one of concern for their fellow creatures of the planet.

It is a time to connect the generations in a common goal. It is appropriate that we consider the future during this time of the turning of the wheel,  when people all over the planet honor and celebrate their ancestors and beloved dead. What better time to look towards future generations who are their descendents and ours?

With the changing of the seasons, may people all across the nation realize that what they do can change the world.

May it be so.


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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1 Response to May it be so.

  1. Joy says:

    This is a really awesome post. May there be peace in the Heaens. May there be peace on the Earth. May there be peace with our Ancestors. May it be so.


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