Embrace Better Health

I used to have a friend who repeatedly said that people did not get well because of resistance. She said, they resisted the healing process and so they could not embrace health.  For years I pondered this concept as I worked on individuals who embodied various states of health. Many of them, for instance, refused to continue treatments after their conditions improved. Even when their health worsened again, they did not do anything more.  Perhaps they believed they could continue to live with it. Yet, most people I saw did not admit to a martyr complex, and, after all, they came to me to get better. Afterwards they said they did feel better.  Actually some of them raved about how good they felt. However even when they felt worse again, they did not return; they waited until they were almost incapacitated before they came back for a treatment.

Many share the belief that people resist healing. So, I considered those words. Were those clients resisting healing?

No, they didn’t resist healing. That is wrong.

People don’t resist healing. The truth is that most individuals actually do not think they are sick. People don’t think they need to get well.

To help explain this idea, I will offer one example out of many. I worked with an individual who took prescription medicine daily for heartburn, shoulder pain, high blood pressure, sleep problems, and anxiety. In addition, every day, she swallowed over-the-counter drugs for headaches and allergies. Yet, she viewed herself as well.  Every day she reported for her 10-hour shift at work; therefore, in her mind, she was healthy.

She didn’t resist the idea of being healthy; she believed she had nothing to heal.

Because “everyone” took some sort of medication, she thought it was normal.  Let me add the fact that she was around 30 years old.  Not only did she think it was normal, but she also thought everyone lived that way.  Despite medication for anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure, she viewed herself as having no medical problems. Yes, even with the number of medicines she needed to function, she thought there was no room for improving her health. To her, it was normal for people to need multiple prescriptions.  In fact, she believed that was how people took care of themselves.

When did we start to believe that we have no health issues because we take medicine to control a condition? How could we believe that we were not in need of healing? When did we begin to view the definition of health as whether or not we are able to go to work every day?  That we could ignore panic attacks or continual migraines as long as we could continue working? Surely our ideal of health should include more than our jobs?

Over the years, I have seen the same attitudes: people who excuse their current state of health because it is “normal.”   But I am here to say it is not.

It might be what you are used to, but “used to” is not health. I would ask all of you to look objectively at your health. Keep taking your medicines, but consider your health. What would life be like if you could walk five miles without pain or you could complete a day at your job without a headache? If you already do that, good for you!  If not, then what would a healthy you look like? Think about your assumptions. What is health?

Can you embrace the concept of healing? Can you move towards health?

About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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