The Limitlessness of the Divine

Desmond Tutu recently published a book God Is Not a Christian: And Other Provocations in which he argued that we should have “our notion of God deepened and expanded.” He also stated: “Our God would be too small if he was not also the God of Gandhi: if God is one, as we believe, then he is the only God of all his people, whether they acknowledge him as such or not.”

While I do not subscribe to the concept that all gods are the same god, I respect and value Tutu’s concept that humans need to recognize that god, regardless of the form we choose to venerate (or decide not to worship), is not restricted by our concepts, prejudices, and beliefs. Those are human limitations. The creator/creatrix is not simply a bigger, more powerful version of a person. The divine is vast. Should not any deity be more than we plain mortals can imagine? Whatever god you worship, we live in a vast and unknowable creation. Many famous people have noted that. They range from Kant and Kierkegaard to Lao Tzu and Hindu philosophers with names I cannot pronounce or spell. But all of them agreed with each other: there are things in this world that we do not and perhaps cannot understand. Certainly the Divine Ones fit into that definition. Whether you give devotion to Jesus, Mother Goddess, Great Mystery, Athena, Allah, Lilith, Oloffi or Brahman — or the scientific big bang creator — how can we attempt to shrink the Power that produced this amazing universe?


The Huffington Post published the excerpt from Tutu’s book. If you would like to read it, you can find it here:


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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2 Responses to The Limitlessness of the Divine

  1. Eileen says:

    Very insightful… everyone has their own viewpoint and sadly some people refuse to acknowledge that others can and do see things differently. However, there are things greater than we mere mortals…. the divine (however you see it) is one of those things…


  2. Joy says:

    I love this post. We all can benefit from remembering that our world is made up of more than we can perceive or explain through our human limitations.


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