Religion and/or Morals?

A very dear person said that my comment about those without religion borrowing a doctrine (in my previous blog Wisdom of the Religions) implied that I think morals come from religion.  Just in case others might be thinking the same thing, I thought I would write an answer.

Although religion is supposed to teach about morals, religion is not a requirement for a person to have morals. In fact, many nonreligious individuals have morals; nor does having a religion mean a person has morals. Setting aside the argument about what defines a religious person, a look through history will provide examples of religious people acting without morals (or ethics or compassion or decency). Based on religion, people perpetrated the crusades, witch-hunts, and massacres of “Indians” (just to name a few).

My comment arose from the hope that a few people will find one or more of the doctrines I mentioned helpful. And that they will spread. Not because I think the idea of religion needs to spread (it will do that without my help), but because people need to move past their religious assumptions. Also, I needed to share what I found helpful. And, there are good lessons in those principles.   With or without a bit of religion.

Until next time…


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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