Proof you can’t discount anyone.

On June 10, 2010, Kevin Costner testified about the oil cleaning product manufactured by his company, Ocean Therapy Solutions. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, he bought the patent. With $24 million and his brother, they started building and created a device to separate oil from water without using dispersants or other pollutants.

Yes, Costner could have spent his money on a huge mansion and lots of luxury items, but fifteen years ago, he was horrified by the Exxon Valdez spill. So he decided to do something about it.  Over a decade and $24 million later, at last, the machine worked. He announced the machine to the world.  Except for one company in Japan, the rush to buy it was nonexistent.  Perhaps oil company executives yawned at the silliness of an actor thinking he could influence science, let alone the oil business.

Proof that you can’t discount anyone.

When asked why BP hadn’t already purchased the machines, BP executives claimed they were “sorting through” hundreds of suggestions.  Yes, I can understand it takes time to evaluate products, but why did they wait until now to evaluate them?   They knew it was a potential problem so why weren’t the BP scientists at the patent office standing next to Kevin Costner (an actor, not a scientist) looking for the technology they knew they would need BEFORE they needed to use it?

I can only conclude that BP management are greedy idiots who don’t look beyond their pay checks.  They remind me of people who buy a dog, bring him home, put him in the back yard and throw food at him once in a while.  After a while, they complain that the dog is bad and dump him at the pound.

The ocean brought the BP executives their profits, but they didn’t have the fortitude to take care of the ocean. When they don’t take care of the ocean, why would they expect the ocean to keep giving to them? Farmers know that the land won’t produce if they don’t care for it.  They know their livelihood depends on that land; without it they will be bankrupt.

Perhaps the next time the BP executives sail their yachts, they will truly look at the ocean. Really look at the water and see it as the living, breathing, diverse organism it is.  The ocean is the life force and incubator of the planet.  It is the source of water. Might I remind those executives that we are mostly water?

Yet,  you can’t really discount anyone.

I’m praying that someone at BP has a conscious and is sick at heart at what happened. That there is an individual in the company with the power and the desire to change a lot of the company’s practices.  Also, I’m praying that the other PTB at BP and in the sacred realities back that person and push through the changes.

You can’t really discount anyone.

Not an actor, not a dog, not the geeky kid playing around with electronics in his garage, not a one-eared artist, not a blind and mute woman . . . not even that bagger at the grocery store.

Proof that you can’t discount anyone.

Kevin and Dan Costner reminded us of that. Thank you. In the midst of this catastrophe, we needed the reminder.


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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3 Responses to Proof you can’t discount anyone.

  1. Oh yes with a disaster this huge we need ALL HANDS to help. Vila


  2. Barbara Ardinger says:

    Very good! While I’m not a big fan of Costner’s movies, I’m glad to see some social activism combined with business that is earth-friendly. I still think the BP executives should be the ones out there in the Gulf of Mexico cleaning up the water and the beaches and the pelicans. When I see pelicans here in Long Beach, CA, I send them little prayers to send to their cousins in Louisiana.


    • Oh, I agree: send the BP executives to clean up the mess. No vacations for them until they solve the problems they helped to create. While Costner’s company’s machine won’t solve all of the clean-up problems, I was thankful that it exists and that he had the foresight and determination to finance the work on it for so many years.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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