Message from the Shamans

To my Spiritual Friends and Fellow Dreamers.

It is odd for me to write this message and publish it in this fashion. Yet it is good to use the tools of the modern age to express the illnesses of our era. The shamans have asked me to deliver a message, and I will try to be succinct and clear in explaining it.  I come to you with this problem because the Earth needs your help.

To summarize the message from the shamans: the energy of the planet has gotten out of balance, and people are out of synch with the rest of creation. This disconnection is affecting our reality.

One symptom of this is climate change. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you have heard the recent news reports of tornados, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding, and droughts.  Over the last 10 years, the severity of tropical storms has increased, and tornados have expanded into uncommon regions. Sadly, a substantial amount of glacial ice has melted, not just at the polar caps but also in South America (Andes Mountains), Europe (the Alps), Asia (Himalayas) and the continental US (the Rocky and Cascade Mountains).  In addition, dead zones in the ocean and in lakes have increased 300% in the last two years. Dead zones are areas of low oxygen incapable of supporting life. Oceanographers believe that excess fertilizer and sewage in the water cause massive phytoplankton deaths — the first symptom of the problem.

After I try to explain the complicated meaning of the shamans’ message, I’ll offer some fairly simple suggestions of what you can do to help.

Energy Connections

In order to better understand this concept, let’s look at the energetic and spiritual factors of our era. Typically, modern spiritual philosophers consider an individual to be a union of mind, body and spirit. In addition, many religions believe this to be true: traditional, alternative, neo-pagan, reconstructed and New Age paths as well as Taoism and branches of Hinduism. Therefore, this concept might not be new to you. In fact, you might agree that each of us exists as more than a physical body.

When you look closely you will notice that the energy of each person interacts with the energy of the surrounding world through a focal point that some call the Assemblage Point.  For those who have not heard the term, Assemblage Point can be explained as the way the individual’s energy intersects with other people, animals, and places. It can also be considered the filter system for energy and information received. Because of specific experiences, the location of this link is not always in exactly the same place in each human being. The connection can shift if the individual has a negative experience (such as a car accident or death of a loved one) or a positive experience (such as the birth of a healthy baby). Also, personal beliefs, culture and social class influence the Assemblage Point.  In addition, the strength and placement of the Assemblage Point can be influenced by chronic illnesses or regular exchanges with angry or depressed people.

In addition, the way your Assemblage Point combines with the Assemblage Points of everyone around you helps to confirm the world as you see it. That cooperative viewpoint of the world is called Consensus Reality; in other words, Consensus Reality is formed and maintained by the power of the numbers of people who believe in it.  In addition, the way that Consensus Reality is viewed affects how the world functions (and how well it works) and that in turn affects how you view ordinary reality. It can be perpetual cycle of affirmations and verifications.

Just as we have an assemblage point, the Earth has one too. The Earth’s Assemblage Point is what connects it to the universe as we know it.  More importantly, that’s how the Earth is linked to us. In addition, it connects the Earth to the realities that sustain us.

Not only does the Earth have an Assemblage Point that interacts with us, but also the planet has a place of interaction with the rest of the universe.  Indeed, all of the realities (ordinary reality, sacred reality, the World Tree, etc.) connect through the universal Assemblage Point. Again, this linkage helps to maintain the realities in the proper balance.

Just as positive and negative experiences can influence an individual’s Assemblage Point, positive and negative events can affect the Earth’s Assemblage Point.

Frankly, the mess in the Gulf of Mexico is one more horrible catastrophe in the on-going insult to our planet. Remember the outrage following the Exxon Valdez spill?  This one is already eight times the size of that one. In addition, we have hurt the planet with pollution caused by run-off from lawns, extinction due to habitat loss, wasting of resources — you already know a lot about these topics. [These are topics for another time since this explanation is already going to be long.]

Now, we must move beyond arguing about interpretations of news stories. We have to get past indifference. We have to move beyond the tendency to reject scientific evidence due to politically-motivated assumptions. We have to stop arguing about who is to blame, what they did, and whether or not [insert political party or politician’s name here] is at fault. There is enough blame to pass around later. I am not saying that we should ignore those problems, but that we need to expand our viewpoint in order to recognize what needs to be done. We need to look at the larger scale, the bigger picture. This planet is our home. Let’s work on fixing things.

Shamanic Dreaming Instead of Mindless Dreaming

Years ago, an indigenous shaman told me that many people in Western civilization “dream long highways to nowhere.” Unfortunately, his statement is even more accurate now.

In the centuries before our time, especially prior to the 21st Century, certain indigenous people Dreamed the World into Balance.  Members of these First Peoples (indigenous populations) Dreamed the World into Being. In addition, through their Dreams, they would Dream the possibilities into being. Instead of dreaming about routine tasks, those individuals had the responsibility to Dream the world’s cycle of life.  In other words, through their Dreams, they  maintained the health of life on the planet and the interconnectedness of existence on Earth. They Dreamed to help people live in harmony with the plants, animals and birds.  Through their Dreams, they maintained the Yin and Yang of the world (to borrow excellent terms from the Taoist tradition).

Currently, the ranks of people dreaming endless highways outnumber those Dreaming the World into Being. Fewer and fewer people understand the need to Dream the World into Balance. If you don’t understand what “Dreaming the World” means, just recognize that too many of us are dreaming pointless multi-lane highways without a destination. Too many of us are not focusing on what is truly important to life on Earth.

Remember the shaman’s words about dreams of endless highways?   The vast majority of people have been mindlessly dreaming  for so long that they have affected the Earth’s Assemblage Point. Because we are not dreaming about the balance of life, the world’s assemblage point is shifting. Because of pollution, warfare, corporate greed, and human apathy, the Earth’s Assemblage Point is shifting. Whether you view pollution, warfare, corporate greed, and human apathy as a symptom of these mindless dreams or as the cause of them, all of these problems continue to affect the connection between people and the planet.  Many human beings have lost their connection to the Source and to the source of life here on Earth.

Although thousands of people have awakened to new spirituality, many more people move through their daily lives numbly making the motions, filling their brains with others’ opinions or anesthetizing them with television’s prattle and similar unimportant noise.

Yes, a large number of people have joined the quest for awareness and connection to the Divine. There are people who are looking for new ways to relate to each other, and they do search for different ways to relate to the world and the Divine. However, too many of us are dreaming those pointless multi-lane highways to nowhere.

We need to expand our viewpoint in order to recognize what needs to be done. We can make our perspective bigger. To use the shaman’s terms, we can dream different dreams.

I know some of you are having tough times. I know it is difficult to think past your financial worries or personal problems. But this is our home. Right now our planet needs your help. I am asking you to take a little bit of time out of your hectic lives. For a short time, ignore your material wants, your envy, your worries; let go of any petty concerns, and set aside your personal pains and troubles. For just a minute, act altruistically; focus on our home, the Earth.

With the greed and judgmental hatred blanketing the planet, this is a task for many people. There is much to do, and each person can do something. It is important that those who have chosen to search for spiritual meaning in life, choose to act now. Those who want to awaken to greater possibilities in life, start bringing that into your daily life.

It is not enough to think about the welfare of your small group. We must expand our awareness to encompass the greater welfare of all life on this planet. Yet, I know that we can manifest a positive change. If each of us does something, we can move towards a good transformation. Together we can fight the apathy and bring about a different attitude on Earth.

What You Can Do

Please focus on what you know and build from where you are now. Here are some suggestions.

If you are a Dreamer, work on Dreams about the balance of life. Use your talents while you sleep to Dream the world back into balance: Dream about animals, birds, and the lifecycle. Dream that plants are nourishing and wholesome, that water is available and safe to drink. Dream that enough food is available.  Dream that every illness has a plant or an object or a rite that will cure it. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. The spiral embedded in the nucleus of a person’s cell  is enlarged in the spiral of a shell and finally it is magnified and expended in the galaxies of the night sky. Dream all of that.

In any case, you don’t have to be a Dreamer to help in this work. In fact, all of us need to help in this work.

Whether you are a Christian or Jew, Moslem, Hindu, or some other religion, pray for the health of God’s creation. If you follow the goddess, pray for Gaia’s wellbeing. Regardless of your religious beliefs, pray for the goodness of life and for the stability to return to the cycle of life.

Do you like to dance? To sing? Dedicate a dance to the good interaction of people with the planet. Sing for our communities that they will live in more cooperative ways. Perform for the well-being of the planet and all creatures on it. Paint or sculpt a work of art to support the balanced cycle of life. Write a poem to express the advantages of recognizing that life is interconnected.

If you attend drumming circles, organize a drumming group to work for the planet. Dedicate the drumming to help the life on Earth.  Focus your drumming on expressing gratitude for the entire lifecycle of the planet. Then  set aside time to drum for specific purposes such as the health of diverse species beginning in your community and moving outward until you encompass the entire planet. Another time, focus on clean water flowing through the rivers and wetlands to the lakes and seas, until it encompasses the entire planet.

If you are a pipe carrier, pray for all our relations. Pray for the goodness of life, for the balance of the cycle of life. Pray that water and plants are wholesome and abundant, that animals and people walk softly on the planet.

If you are a shamanic practitioner, take a healing journey focused on the cycle of life. See the balance of life; feel it. The sweet breeze talks in the trees and the grass stirs to life. The sun and the rain come when they are needed.  The seasons turn gently as they should. Strive to walk in beauty (balance) on this lovely planet.

When you take your morning walk or evening bike ride, give thanks for every tree, flower, and bush you pass. Whisper thanksgiving to every insect, bird and animal you notice (as well as the ones you don’t spot). Offer a prayer for the well-being of all you see and hear.

If you know how to do visualization, visualize the entire lifecycle on the planet.  Visualize people who appreciate the forests, rivers, oceans, prairies, steppes. Visualize the health of all of the wild places and the abundance of plants and animals, fish and birds that live in those places. Visualize people who understand the need for a range of species, and visualize human beings who respect that diversity.

If you know about such things, visualize organic farming and sustainable agriculture. Visualize abundant and wholesome foods grown without chemicals.

If you are a gardener, focus on the life of the garden, the vigor of the soil, the miracle of plants growing out of the dirt to sustain life.

Do you own a home or maintain a yard? Be aware of what you do with your lawn. Find out what chemicals do to the watershed. Did you know that the run-off from your yard goes into your community’s water supply? Water treatment plants focus on removing bacteria not fertilizer. If the label requires special handling just to throw away the bottle, you do not want it in your yard, and you certainly don’t want to drink it. Switch to environmentally friendly products for your health and the health of the planet.

Visualize lawns maintained without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Visualize the light of that thought spreading from your yard to the next one, down the street and throughout the town.

Notice the beautiful bees and butterflies buzzing around flowers and offer thanks for their presence. Give thanks for both the preying mantis and the hummingbird. Be grateful for birds and bats swooping in the dusk sky because they are nature’s pest killers.

Visualize clean waters flowing throughout the planet. Visualize the wholesome ocean teaming with diverse life.  Visualize clean waters flowing through the rivers into lakes and down to the sea, the incubator of life on Earth. Visualize fish, salamanders, tadpoles, and frogs filling the clean creeks, ponds, and streambeds. Focus of the variety of life on the planet: butterflies flitting from flower to flower; honey bees buzzing in the sunshine; every type of bird perched in bushes and trees and flying in the sky.

The world you visualize will not be perfect because the balance of life is not perfect. Don’t try to make this a visualization of an idyllic utopia. This is not about creating utopia. Even so, remember that every problem has a solution. Sit with that idea and visualize it.

The Earth has room for mosquitoes, snakes, wolves, coyotes, sharks, and spiders as well as butterflies, rabbits, deer mice, sea urchins, whales, hummingbirds, and people. Instead of worrying about the need for dominance, for controlling weeds and insects, focus on coexistence. Instead of mourning extinction, focus on restoring a harmony of diverse life.

Yes, there are orphans, but there are people who take them home and give them love and a new family. There are burdens but other people care and offer help. Yes, disease exists but herbs, plants and foods bring healing. There are mosquitoes but there are bats and birds who eat them. Yes, people are flawed beings with physical cravings and emotional confusion, but they are beings with hearts and minds.

Because people can change, the world can change.

Again, this is not about focusing on a utopia. Life on Earth is not supposed to be a utopia. It’s about sustaining the balance of life that has been present on this planet for eons — the balance that existed long before you or I walked here. It’s about connecting to the existing cycle of life of the Earth and helping that diversity.

When the rain pounds down, instead of complaining about getting wet or the fact that your picnic or sports event was cancelled, focus on the miracle of the Earth. When the sun shines, offer a moment of thanksgiving for the health of the planet. Think about everything coexisting; animals, plants, trees, insects, birds, spiders and people. All coexisting. Think about this harmonious unity. When you do, the cycle of life moves a tiny bit back towards a healthy, abundant and balanced place to life.

Pray about people coexisting with the other beings on the planet: the beings of the water and air and earth. Pray about the healthy progression of life. Pray that things get better on this wonderful planet.

If you don’t fit into any of those categories, or don’t like these examples, figure out something else and act on it. Do it on your own, with your family or in a group. Use whatever method you want to: light candles, meditate, visualize, pray — it’s your choice. But do something today, this week and next week. Do it every holiday.  Do it once a month for a year. Do it every morning in the shower. Do it when you jog. Whatever you choose to do, just do it.

We must take up our roles as caretakers for our home, Mother Earth. We’re in this together, and we can make a difference. I thank you for your help.

If you have any questions about what I have written, I welcome your communication. If you would like a more detailed explanation, please contact me.

May blessings flow from the Divine to those who work on behalf of the Earth.

From another being on our Earth,


About Lillith ThreeFeathers

Lillith ThreeFeathers is a shamanic healer, author, medium, and priestess.
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5 Responses to Message from the Shamans

  1. Oh this is SO GOOD! And so heartening. I am sure most of us are feeling helpless just now. But in truth we are not! Thank you for this. Vila


    • Villa, thank you for your words. I am glad that this message helped in a little way. We just can’t let ourselves become overwhelmed and depressed. Our support of Mother Earth is important. Through that support, we can let Her return to health and balance as well as becoming healthier and more balanced people. I appreciate your gentle and strong positive attitude.


  2. Esmerelda says:

    Thanks for reminding me. It’s easy to get caught up with self and forget about the big picture. My problems are very small and petty compared to those around me, to the world at large and to our Great Mother Earths. I will take up the challenge to Dream and to Visualize a healthy and balanced reality. I am, I can, and I will.



  3. Joy says:

    Dear Lily,
    This is such an inspirational article. Thank you for the reminder.


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